We make Veterans successful business owners

Craft Your Why

Create your story and 5-part messaging plan for your business

Laser-Focused Messaging

Clarify your message and communicate clearly with the power of story

Strategic Action Plans

Define your goals. Align your team. Grow your business.

You found success in the military. Now find success in business.

You knew the work it takes

You understood the team you needed

You saw the path to follow

Those things aren’t as clear now. You’re doing the work. But at this point, what you tried feels like an expensive, failed experiment. Why? Because no one taught you how to translate your military career into a story that makes customers buy. 

This problem isn’t isolated to Veterans. Most brands have no idea how to tell their story so people buy.

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You're not alone. We're here to help.

Most Veterans don’t struggle because they lack the discipline, focus, or work ethic. They struggle because they don’t know how to position their business well in the marketplace. 

Joint Task Force-214 eliminates this headache for Veterans. We use a proven framework to better position your story, your business, and your products. The result? More people buy, you make more money, and your opportunities thrive.

Meet Your Business Guides

James Felts

Retired Field Grade Officer, Ranger, Works directly in operations, training, etc; dealt with 400-600 people

Marty Martinez

Special Operations Airborne Ranger, Retired Field Grade Officer, Works with bigger strategic planning; dealt with 130k+ across multiple countries

Our Services

StoryBrand Messaging

Website Wireframe

Lead Generation

Email Campaigns

Hubspot Integration

Executive Coaching

Business transformation happens in one click.

Schedule a call to apply for our next cohort. The first five registrations are just $1,000. The price goes to $2,500 after that. Still have questions? We get it. Investing your limited time and hard-earned resources is a big ask, but this is the best investment you’ll make in your business.

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Our 4-week cohort covers the foundation critical to building a thriving business

Week 1

Crafting the Why so you get your story right.

Week 2

Marketing & Messaging Playbook so you always know what to say about your brand.

Week 3

Website map so your website becomes a 24/7 sales rep.

Week 4

Building your sales funnel.

Imagine your business next quarter.

More customers buy from you.

More money coming in from more sales.

More potential to grow the business you envision.

No more confusion and headaches.

No more running in circles.

No more watching others win when you have what it takes.

This happens when you work with Joint Task Force-214. We take you from an FNG to Business Commander in just 4 weeks. 

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